Toxic Metals & Testing

Toxic metals can enter our bodies from various sources and can cause serious problems from memory loss and joint pain to vascular disease and cancer. Testing the levels of heavy metals present in your body is the first step towards addressing the possible effects from metal toxicity.

From 1990 – 2013, I assessed and treated many patients with arsenic, lead, mercury, and other toxicities. In addition, my research has shown that cigarette smokers have increased levels of cadmium and antimony. Both of these metals can contribute to cardiovascular disease and cadmium is carcinogenic. Since cadmium has a long half-life, it can be in one’s body for years after discontinuing smoking.

I have partnered with Dr. Bryan Rade to provide people with access to urine metal analyses. Those with elevated levels of toxic metals can be seen by someone able to do further assessment and treatment. A research component of this site will allow possible correlation of toxic metals with disease. We have created an informative site with an easy-to-order testing kit which you can order online or by post. Visit to get tested and find out more.